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A fire station is like a high-powered engine – every part needs to be functioning together for the machine to work. That’s why you want all your firefighting equipment serviced and inspected by one company. For 20 years, AOS has provided a COMPLETE service under a single contract of all firefighting equipment requiring NFPA compliance. We do so in a way that brings the longest life to the equipment- saving time and money. Here’s why you want us to be the ones to keep your machine oiled:



It’s not just a phrase we use. It’s how we work. How we live. We continuously push to improve our effectiveness to exceed NFPA expectations.


AOS has the world’s only DOT-approved portable hydrostatic testing unit. So wherever you are in the world, our technicians come to you. 


Fire Services


When our technicians arrive, they work closely with the firefighters to ensure they understand how to keep your equipment lasting long after we’re gone. 


AOS has been in service for 20 years and has worked closely with NFPA to set the standards you see today. No one understands and cares about this industry more than we do.




It’s one of our goals to help all of our departments become CFAI Certified - bringing them grant money and more opportunities.



Like we mentioned above, we're a full-service company. A-Z. So you can save money (and headaches) on multiple contracts and service companies.